We are still are open and have limited number of CA compliant Rifles and Pistols.

Firearms & Ammunitions Transfers

Our Ammunition and Gun transfer fees are as follows:

Ammunition: The following fees only apply for ammunition that is stored at our facility after a two day grace period after we receive your ammunition delivery. If your ammunition is picked up within the two-day period, no storage fees will be assessed. However, please keep in mind that you will have to pay California sales tax.
We have relationships with many of the big ammunition dealers. During the checkout process, you will be asked to choose an FFL in your area, if we are not listed, please inform the seller that you wish to have your ammunition delivered to Great Dane Guns and Ammo. Please contact us directly and we will provide you the necessary details ([email protected]).

We recommend that you take a look at ammoseek.com, they are an ammunition aggregator and will provide price comparisons for many of the ammo vendors.

Ammunition Transfer Fees:
  • 1-100 Rounds-$5.00
  • 101-500 Rounds- $10.00
  • 501- 1,000 Rounds- $20.00
  • 1,001 and up – $40.00

Gun DROS Transfer Fees:
$50 for both pistols and long guns (plus $37.19 for CA background check). California law only allows one handgun to be registered within a 30-day period.
Firearm Transfers:
After you made your purchase, email us a screenshot of the order confirmation, or forward us the email confirmation, with all parties’ contact information and the order information clearly stated. Email: [email protected] We will contact the seller and arrange to accept the firearms(s). You will be notified upon firearm(s) arrival to initiate your DROS.

Be sure the firearm(s) you’re looking to purchase is(are) CA legal and compliant with your local laws. Handguns must be currently listed / compliant for sale on the CA Handgun Roster (http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/ ) if purchased from a dealer, r Private Party Transfers (PPT) are exempt from this requirement.

What you will need to provide when picking up your firearm:
  • A valid Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC);
  • A valid CA driver’s license;
  • Utility bill within the last three months or a current car registration which clearly states your legal name and current address If your license displays “Federal Limits Apply” in the upper right-hand corner you will need to provide a Certified Copy of your birth certificate or a valid ;passport;
  • Information on a Firearm Safety Device (FSD). If you have a gun safe or a DOJ approved lock box, the make and model number
  • information will be needed. If you have a receipt for the device, please make this available as well. If you do not have a FSD, you can purchase one here, or bring your own cable lock with the receipt (one cable lock per firearm